How to Survive a Sharknado: What the Critics Are Saying

USA Today called the book "clever," while Entertainment Weekly said it is "every bit as amusing (and straight-faced) as the film franchise that spawned it." wrote that How to Survive a Sharknado is the "perfect companion to have on hand while watching some of the most absurdly awesome movies the SyFy Channel has to offer... [and] a must own item for fans of B-Grade creature features! It also makes a fantastic companion piece to the now iconic Zombie Survival Guide."

The book received more attention during the premiere of Sharknado 2: The Second One when it appeared in "the absolute stupidest moment in Sharknado 2" (

Among's criticisms: The interior of the book was actually a For Dummies book. But hey -- it's Hollywood. Was that really Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln? No, it was Daniel Day-Lewis. I didn't hear any critics complaining then!


The book's title was also a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, as celebrities and fans live-tweeted the movie: