American Drug Chronicles: An Anthology

Edited by WIll Paoletto and Will Conley (2016)

Drugs have been a central part of the American landscape since the birth of the nation. Benjamin Franklin's affinity for opium was known far and wide. Thomas Jefferson grew hemp on his plantation -- err, his "happy workers" did. Settlers sat in circles with natives and passed around majestic pipes. 

Featuring columnists Adam Tod Brown and Kathy Benjamin, New York Times best-selling authors Tony O'Neill and Andrew Shaffer, contributor Brian Boone, deep sea thriller writer Gabino Iglesias, comedian Lon Harris, and Annie Julia Wyman, American Drug Chronicles…captures the true spirit of America: a nation built by the people and for the people (on drugs). 

Here we have an anthology as American as apple pie -- if it was crammed with cannabis.

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