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Literary Criticism, News & Book Reviews

What Do Readers Owe Authors? (2013, Book Riot)

Top 10 Misbehaving Literary Rogues (2013, The Daily Beast)

Fifty Shades of Gold (2013, Fic: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World)*

Introduction to Dorothy Parker 2013, Start Here: Volume II)*

How Paperbacks Transformed the Way Americans Read (2012, Mental Floss) 

Confessions of a New York Times Bestseller (2012, Scratch)

PayPal vs. E-Booksellers (2012, Suicide Girls) 

The Joy of Watching Others Suffer: Schadenfreude and the Hunger Games (2012, The Hunger Games and Philosophy)*

Fifty Shades of Grace Metalious (2011, Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey)*

Moral Questions in The Hunger Games (2011, The Philosophers' Magazine

Book Review: Collide by Megan Hart (2011, RT Book Reviews) 

Author Interview: Andrea Cremer (2010, Huffington Post) 

Author Interview: Charlaine Harris (2010, Huffington Post) 

Event Review: Steve Martin Book Signing (2010, Huffington Post) 

Book Review: First Look at Justin Bieber's Memoir (2010, Huffington Post) 

Event Review: First Annual Book Bloggers' Convention (2010, Publishers Weekly)

From Philosopher to Fabio in Four Days (2010, The Olive Reader) 


Pop Culture Criticism, News & Reviews

TV: Five Things Deadlier Than a Sharknado—And How to Survive Them (2014, Time) 

Theater: Spank! The Fifty Shades Musical Parody (2013, Book Riot) 

Music Interview: Filter's Richard Patrick (2011, Huffington Post) 

Movies Interview: Joe Pantoliano (2011, The Faster Times)

Music Interview: Dan Black (2010, PopMatters) 

Wrestling Pay-Per-Vew Event or Adult Video? (2010, Maxim)


Essays & Miscellaneous

You Can't Plan for Internet Hate, But You Can Be Prepared for It (2016, Inc.) 

The Game of Life (2016, American Drug Chronicles: An Anthology)*

Hunting Season (2014, The Shelf on the Elf: Holiday Leftovers) 

5 Awesome Things Done by the Navy SEALs (2012, Maxim)

The Moment I Quit Playing Dungeons and Dragons (2011, Smith Magazine) 

Do Real Men Do Yoga? (2011, Yoga: Philosophy For Everyone)*

Frontline in the War on Christmas (Abridged Online as "Waving the White Flag in the War on Christmas") [2011, The Atheist's Guide to Christmas] 

Hate Being Single this Time of Year? (2011, AOL's MyDaily)

Four Unintentional Love Lessons From Great Philosophers (2011, Marie Claire) 

How Andrew Shaffer Hides the Holiday Pickle (2010, The Olive Reader) 

The River That Divided Us Will Unite Us (2008, UIowa Flood Stories) 


* Anthology exclusives. Not available online at this time.